CONTACT IMPROV w/ Jutta Tilvis

Contact Improv exercises are based on tactile sense (touch) which is often neglected in both our scenework and normal day-to-day interaction. You don’t need to be a dancer, the only thing required is a little bit of open-mindedness. Contact Improv is a brilliant tool when it comes to getting to know your own body, and often your only equipment in improv!

This drop-in will explore ways to teach your body to recognise subtle impulses in your partner’s choices: when to lead or follow, when to slow down and when to be still. The core principle for both contact improv and scenic improv is the same: always stay faithful to what is happening in the now!


Join us on Tuesdays in the summer for a weekly Improv Drop-In session! Each week, our instructors will cover a different topic that is near and dear to their hearts. You’ll be sure to learn and laugh!


June 4 – Musicality w/ Trent Pancy
June 11 – Side Support w/ Trent Pancy
June 18 – SoloProv w/ Jutta Tilvis
June 25 – Contact Improv w/ Jutta Tilvis


July 2 – Paper Masks w/ Jutta Tilvis
July 9 – Being Bad w/ Jutta Tilvis
July 23 – Troubleshooting: Scenes w/ Trent Pancy
July 30 – Troubleshooting: Characters w/ Trent Pancy